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Our Facility
We are located on 74.5 acres right outside Downtown Mooresville.
The entrance is secured with a keypad gate and the entire perimeter of the property is fenced.

The Blue Barn

The Blue Barn is located at the front of the property behind the Farmhouse. 
Recently renovated from a covered lunging area, it is fully asphalted and now houses
8 stalls with dutch style doors, rubber mats, fans and a large center aisle.
A set of crossties and a feed/hay storage is located at the far end of the aisle.

The Main Barn

*T-style cinderblock barn with asphalt aisle way and yoke guard/window openings for the horses to look out
*Thirteen stalls with automatic waterers
*Climate controlled tack room with individual cubbies and a fridge
*Fully enclosed wash stall with hot/cold water
*Climate controlled viewing lounge that overlooks the ring with a tv, couch, games & seating area
*Climate Controlled Restroom
*Ceiling fans throughout, windows in every stall with shutters to keep the barn warm in the winter.

*Six additional shed row style stalls are located just outside the barn with large windows with shutters and yoke guard doors.

* New all weather GGT footing riding arena with a full set of jumps! You'll never have to miss a day of riding because of too much rain!

The Paddocks
Ten large grass turnout pastures with run-in sheds
One dirt lot turnout
We turnout every day in small groups (2-4 horses) - weather permitting.
Day turnout in the winter months/Night turnout in the summer months.
All fields are regularly trimmed and fertilized and have no climb and board fencing.

Around the Grounds

Owners live on-site just a few hundred yards from the barn.
There is a large pond behind the house available for the outdoorsmen who want to go fishing.
The paved driveway circles around the property and makes a great walking trail.
The large outbuilding to the back of the barn houses all the farm equipment and has
a side room to keep the hay stored out of the main barn.

Pasture Boarding

Behind the pond are two additional turnout pastures of approximately 20 acres each. 
Each pasture has its own run-in shed and offers a quiet environment for
retired horses or horses needing to be turned out for a while.
Grain fed once per day (if needed) and fescue/orchard grass round bales
provided in the winter months. Horses are checked daily and can be blanketed if needed. 
Availability is limited - $300/month


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